Webb Barn Traditional Music Concert Series: John Doyle

October 14 at 7 pm

John Doyle (b. Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish musician. For four years he served as acoustic guitarist with the Irish/American band Solas, and is also an active solo artist.

Doyle is a highly accomplished guitarist with a trademark style for backing up other musicians. A left handed player, his style involves the use of bass string damping with the heel of the left hand combined with a constant, metronome-like strumming pattern and nimble movement up and down the neck with the right hand to incorporate bass lines and chordal variations. Combined with other dynamic techniques such as string choking with the right hand, the resulting sound is full and highly rhythmical. To purchase tickets click here: https://www.simpletix.com/e/webb-barn-traditional-music-concert-john-d-tickets-78900