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When the Pilgrims sat down to Thanksgiving dinner in 1621, they must have been grateful indeed. Beyond the turkey, and probably some hefty lobsters, the venison that was served was undoubtedly a treat. Back in England, deer were property of the King, and a forbidden delicacy, though some Pilgrims may have eaten “humble pie” made from the cast-off deer innards known as “humbles.” Thankfully, there will be no humble pie at the Webb-Deane-Stevens (WDS) Museum’s 18th-Century Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, November 15. Yet, remarkably, Priscilla Alden—a prominent guest at the first Thanksgiving—will travel nearly four centuries to be there, in her finest dress. Alden will mingle with guests at the opening reception, at noon, and give an engaging presentation during the authentic, 18th century feast at 1 p.m.

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