Current Exhibits

Pinhole Vision

Photography by Peter Brown Pinhole cameras, pinhole photography. Both a metaphor for simplicity. No lens, just light passing through a tiny hole. Camera Obscura optics. No viewfinder, just a trusting and surprising personal visual journey. Peter Brown captures landscapes, bridges and other structures that bring a dreamlike, historical sense of something not quite real, with the […] Details.

The Story Beneath Our Feet: Pyquag and “Weathersfield”

On view now! This exciting new exhibition explores the earliest years of Wethersfield’s history through the lens of archaeological evidence uncovered on the Museum’s property in 2017. A well-preserved cache of household and trade items from what had been the Clement Chaplin household sheds light on the experiences of Wethersfield’s first settlers. Discovery of the […] Details.

Paper Trail(s): Maps from the Webb-Deane-Stevens Collection

A map is an essential navigational tool. While today we utilize satellite-based services like Google Earth or MapQuest, in past centuries printed maps were indispensable in wayfaring. Deftly combining science, mathematics and art, old maps constitute a snapshot of a long-ago world, and in the process provide us with the physical context for historical events […] Details.